Getting Started with Real-Time ETL to Azure SQL Database

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Running production databases in the cloud has become the new norm. For us at Striim, real-time ETL to Azure SQL Database and other popular cloud databases has become a common use case. Striim customers run critical operational workloads in cloud databases and rely on our enterprise-grade streaming data pipelines to keep their cloud databases up-to-date with existing on-premises or cloud data sources.

Striim supports your cloud journey starting with the first step. In addition to powering fully-connected hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, the streaming data integration platform enables cloud adoption by minimizing risks and downtime during data migration. When you can migrate your data to the cloud without database downtime or data loss, it is easier to modernize your mission-critical systems. And when you liberate your data trapped in legacy databases and stream to Azure SQL DB in sub-seconds, you can run high-value, operational workloads in the cloud and drive business transformation faster.

Streaming Integration from Oracle to Azure SQL DBBuilding continuous, streaming data pipelines from on-premises databases to production cloud databases for critical workloads requires a secure, scalable, and reliable integration solution. Especially if you have enterprise database sources that cannot tolerate performance degradation, traditional batch ETL will not suffice. Striim’s low-impact change data capture (CDC) feature minimizes overhead on the source systems while moving database operations (inserts, updates, and deletes) to Azure SQL DB in real time with security, reliability, and transactional integrity.

Striim is available as a PaaS offering in major cloud marketplaces such as Microsoft Azure Cloud, AWS, and Google Cloud. You can run Striim in the Azure Cloud to simplify real-time ETL to Azure SQL Database and other Azure targets, such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Cosmos DB, Event Hubs, ADLS, and more. The service includes heterogeneous data ingestion, enrichment, and transformation in a single solution before delivering the data to Azure services with sub-second latency. What users love about Striim is that it offers a non-intrusive, quick-to-deploy, and easy-to-iterate solution for streaming data integration into Azure.

To illustrate the ease of use of Striim and to help you get started with your cloud database integration project, we have prepared a Tech Guide: Getting Started with Real-Time Data Integration to Microsoft Azure SQL Database. You will find step-by-step instructions on how to move data from an on-premises Oracle Database to Azure SQL Database using Striim’s PaaS offering available in the Azure Marketplace. In this tutorial you will see how Striim’s log-based CDC enables a solution that doesn’t impact your source Oracle Database’s performance.

If you have, or plan to have, Azure SQL Databases that run operational workloads, I highly recommend that you use a free trial of Striim along with this tutorial to find out how fast you can set up enterprise-grade, real-time ETL to Azure SQL Database. On our website you can find additional tutorials for different cloud databases. So be sure to check out our other resources as well. For any streaming integration questions, please feel free to reach out.