DBTA Discusses Streaming Analytics and the Striim Platform with Steve Wilkes

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DBTAlogoStephanie Simone of Database Trends and Applications interviews WebAction’s founder and CTO, Steve Wilkes on WebAction’s recent round of funding and the renaming of the platform to Striim.

Wilkes clarifies that the i’s in Striim represent integration and intelligence, highlighting the fact that this is an end-to-end platform that combines both the real-time data integration and the operational intelligence components of streaming analytics.

He further explains how the funding will be used to bolster the streaming integration side of the platform because it’s the integration piece that is the most challenging aspect of delivering streaming analytics.

“The platform has been designed to be usable by anyone with SQL knowledge,” Wilkes said. “You don’t need to be a coder or deep developer to be able to build out solutions using our platform.”

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