Striim Announces Real-Time Data Migration to Google Cloud Spanner

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The Striim team has been working closely with Google to deliver an enterprise-grade solution for online data migration to Google Cloud Spanner. We’re happy to announce that it is available in the Google Cloud Marketplace. This PaaS solution facilitates the initial load of data (with exactly once processing and delivery validation), as well as the ongoing, continuous movement of data to Cloud Spanner.Real-Time Migration to Google Cloud Spanner

The real-time data pipelines enabled by Striim from both on-prem and cloud sources are scalable, reliable and high-performance. Cloud Spanner users can further leverage change data capture to replicate data in transactional databases to Cloud Spanner without impacting the source database, or interrupting operations.

Google Cloud Spanner is a cloud-based database system that is ACID compliant, horizontally scalable, and global. Spanner is the database that underlies much of Google’s own data collection, and it has been designed to offer the consistency of a relational database with the scale and performance of a non-relational database.

Migration to Google Cloud Spanner requires a low-latency, low-risk solution to feed mission-critical applications. Striim offers an easy-to-use solution to move data in real time from Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and HPE NonStop to Cloud Spanner while ensuring zero downtime and zero data loss. Striim is also used for real-time data migration from Kafka, Hadoop, log files, sensors, and NoSQL databases to Cloud Spanner.

While the data is streaming, Striim enables in-flight processing and transformation of the data to maximize usability of the data the instant it lands in Cloud Spanner.

To learn more about Striim’s Real-Time Migration to Google Cloud Spanner, read the related press release, view our Striim for Google Cloud Spanner product page, or provision Striim’s Real-Time Data Integration to Cloud Spanner in the Google Cloud Marketplace.