The Critical Role of a “Streaming First” Data Architecture – Webinar

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Please join us for our upcoming webinar on The Critical Role of a “Streaming First” Data Architecture in 2017, presented by our co-founder and CTO, Steve Wilkes.

IDC’s recent prediction that the world will be creating 163 zettabytes (or 163 trillion gigabytes) of data a year by 2025 was shocking. What’s more astounding is how little of that data can be stored, with some estimates as low as 5%.

In order to handle this data deluge, companies must begin the transition now to a “streaming first” data architecture, moving as much data processing and analytics in-memory to reduce the amount of data they need to store, and to gain insights at the speed of their business.

Webinar: The Critical Role of a “Streaming First” Data Architecture in 2017

Wednesday, August 30

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In this 30-minute live webinar discussion, Steve will:

  • Discuss the critical role of a “Streaming First” data architecture for real-time insights and immediate actions
  • Examine the strategies for seamlessly transitioning to a “streaming first” data architecture without disruption
  • Introduce the Striim data platform and provide an overview of its key capabilities
  • Learn about real-world case studies of how streaming analytics is being used by Fortune 500 companies to make smart and timely decisions

We hope you can join us!