CDC to Google Cloud SQL Using Striim

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As Google Cloud SQL climbs the ranks of cloud adoption, it is becoming more important for companies to leverage change data capture or CDC to Google Cloud SQL, regardless of where source data might be – such as operational databases, data warehouses, legacy systems, and other locations.

Striim makes it easy to move virtually any data via CDC to Google Cloud SQL, and provides in-flight processing to ensure it is most useful when it reaches the cloud.

The first step in this process is to develop a ​hybrid cloud​ ​​integration ​strategy so that you can continuously move enterprise data to and from Google Cloud. Once you have this hybrid cloud strategy in-place, you can do continuous collection, processing, and delivery of enterprise data in real time instead of batch. This ensures the data in Google Cloud SQL is always up-to-date.

Data from on-premises and cloud sources needs to be delivered to Google Cloud SQL, including a one-time load, and continuous change delivery with in-flight processing to ensure up-to-the-second information for your users. This is where Striim comes in.

Striim provides a next-generation streaming integration ​platform that supports your hybrid cloud initiatives, and provides integration with multiple Google Cloud technologies so you can easily adopt Google Cloud SQL.

In this video, we will demonstrate how Striim can provide continuous data integration via CDC to Google Cloud SQL through a pipeline for the real-time collection, processing, and delivery of enterprise data, sourcing from Oracle on-prem.

This use case shows an initial load, followed by continuous change delivery from Oracle to Google Cloud SQL. Striim’s UI makes it easy to continuously, and non-intrusively, ingest all your enterprise data from a variety of sources in real time.

We’ll start by doing an initial load of data from Oracle on-prem to Google Cloud SQL using a data flow. When the flow is started, the full contents of the on-prem CUSTOMER table is loaded into Google Cloud SQL. After a short time, all the rows in the source table are present in the Google Cloud SQL CUSTOMER_TGT table.

This can be monitored using Striim, and the Google Cloud Monitor UI. Once the Initial Load is complete, we can continuously deliver change data from Oracle via CDC to Google Cloud SQL.

A separate flow is used so that the Initial Load and CDC can be coordinated. After many changes, you can see that the Google Cloud SQL is completely up-to-date with the on-prem Oracle instance. The continuous updates can also be monitored through the Striim UI.

As you can see, the Striim platform can greatly streamline your ability to move real-time data via CDC to Google Cloud SQL, accelerating adoption of your hybrid cloud strategy.

To learn how you can quickly set up data pipelines to move data via CDC to Google Cloud SQL, please visit our Striim for Google Cloud Platform page, schedule a demo with a Striim expert, or download/provision Striim and try it out!

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