Change Data Capture

Transaction data, meet Big Data

All activity on enterprise databases results in change.

The Striim platform captures that change non-intrusively, and streams it for further processing.


A Complete Picture

User and application activity in enterprise databases is an essential information asset, but it can be difficult and expensive to access. To get a complete picture of what’s happening in your enterprise, you need to include the real-time change in corporate databases.

The Striim Solution

Take your change data infrastructure to the next level. With continuous insight into transactions and what’s time-sensitive or critical, issues and opportunities can be addressed in-time and in-context, before the data reaches your data lake.

  • Combine Big Data and Operational Data in real-time with Change Data Capture from Oracle, MS SQL Server, HP NonStop and other operational databases.
  • Enable immediate response and reduce time to value. A data lake enables an eventual reaction to Big Data. But it doesn’t solve the need for an immediate response to Fast Data.
  • Upfront stream processing such as filtering and enrichment, reduces data storage footprint and stored data become more actionable.

End-to-End Platform for Change Data

Striim is the only end-to-end platform to provide integration and processing of real-time transaction/change data in a single platform that also includes analytics and dashboards for streaming intelligence. Striim makes it easy to access, structure and organize change data from enterprise databases to provide instant insights into some of the most important data in the business.