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Creating a data validation dashboard


This feature is available in Striim Cloud Mission Critical but not in Striim Cloud Enterprise.

A data validation dashboard gives you a visual representation of data read and written by a Striim application. Supported sources and targets are:



  • Database Reader

  • File Reader

  • HP NonStop SQL/MX Reader

  • Incremental Batch Reader

  • JMS Reader

  • Kafka Reader versions 0.8, 0.9, 0.10, and 0.11

  • MariaDB Reader

  • MongoDB Reader

  • MS SQL Reader (SQL Server)

  • MySQL Reader

  • Oracle Reader

  • PostgreSQL Reader

  • Salesforce Platform Event Reader

  • Salesforce Reader

  • Salesforce Pardot Reader

  • Spanner Batch Reader

  • ADLS Gen1 Writer

  • ADLS Gen2 Writer

  • Azure Blob Writer

  • Azure Event Hub Writer

  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse Writer

  • BigQuery Writer

  • Cassandra Cosmos DB Writer

  • Cassandra Writer

  • Cloudera Hive Writer

  • Cosmos DB Writer

  • Database Writer

  • Databricks Writer

  • File Writer

  • GCS Writer

  • Google PubSub Writer

  • Hazelcast Writer

  • HBase Writer

  • HDFS Writer

  • Hortonworks Hive Writer

  • Kafka Writer versions 0.8, 0.9, 0.10, and 0.11

  • Kinesis Writer

  • Kudu Writer

  • MapR DB Writer

  • MongoDB Writer

  • S3 Writer

  • ServiceNow Writer

  • Snowflake Writer

  • Spanner Writer

The application may have multiple sources and/or targets so long as they are all of the same type. For example, you could have multiple sources all using DatabaseReader and multiple targets all using KafkaWriter.

To create and view a data validation dashboard:

  1. Undeploy the application.

  2. Open the application in the Flow Designer, select Configuration > App Settings, enable data validation, and click Save.

  3. Deploy and start the application, then select Configuration > View Validation Dashboard.


Hover the mouse pointer over a bar to see additional details for that source or target for the indicated time period. Click Pause to stop updating the dashboard temporarily so you can compare event counts and verify that all source data was written by the target. 


Validation dashboards do not appear on the Dashboard page.