Microsoft Teams to Snowflake : The Perfect Match

Striim makes it easy to load data from Microsoft Teams to Snowflake with schema creation and a simple user experience. After your data migration is complete, Striim can continuously sync Microsoft Teams and Snowflake with real-time data integration using change data capture.

Why Striim?

Seamlessly migrate and sync your data from to Snowflake for faster time to insights with minimal setup overhead.

Connectors for Snowflake

Over 100 connectors optimized for streaming data to Snowflake in real-time

Infinitely scalable

Scale your data integration pipelines to multiple nodes to handle massive volumes

Zero-Downtime Migration

Migrate your database and application schemas to load large amounts of data to Snowflake with zero downtime using change data capture

One-click launch

Deploy Striim using Snowflake Partner Connect directly from your Snowflake UI

Real-Time Analytics

Enable real-time analytics in Snowflake sub-second data loads using change data capture

Operational analytics

Analyze your data integration performance to ensure there's no data loss and sub-second data delivery latency