Know Your Data

The need for real-time insights isn’t isolated to a handful of industries or use cases.
Any company or business operation can benefit from gaining access to their data the instant
it’s born, and acting on it right away. And so any company or business operation can benefit from
streaming data integration coupled with streaming operational intelligence.

Here are just a few of our most frequently deployed solutions.


Solutions for Streaming Integration

It’s not just the velocity and volume of data. What makes streaming data integration so difficult is the in-memory organization, time-serialization, and multi-stream correlation across a variety of real-time data sources – including transaction/change data, structured and semi-structured data, log files, application and IoT sensor data. Striim helps you integrate it all via continuous query the instant the data and events are generated.

All activity on enterprise databases results in change. Keep tabs on your business by capturing that change data the instant it’s generated.

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Change Data Capture Database Activity

Monitor replication environments in real time to provide more comprehensive insights, and reduce risk and data loss.

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Replication MonitoringComprehensive Insights

Is all of your data dumping into your data lake, never to be seen again? Filter, pre-process and organize your data before it ever lands on disk.

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Big DataOpen Source Integration

Every machine you have is generating logs. And sensors add to this volume. Extract the signal from the noise of your machine data.

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Machine Data Sensors and Logs

Solutions for Streaming Intelligence

With the streaming data integration piece solved, it’s easy to layer on streaming analytics to the data pipelines. Correlate streaming data with reference or historical data to immediately understand your customers or your business performance. Add structure, logic and rules to streaming data. Define time windows for analysis. Detect outliers, visualize events of interest, and trigger alerts and workflows – all within milliseconds.

Correlate real-time events and service anomalies with your customer data to ensure the best service for your VIP customers.

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Customer Experience Track Top Customers

Customers, vehicles, devices are always moving. Respond too late, and they’re gone. Take actions where location matters.

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Location Analytics Movement is Real-time

Monitor SLAs and proactively act before infringements occur. Better yet, predict breaches based on history and usage patterns.

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SLA Monitoring Predict and Project

You don’t have to be an early adopter to see that big data is changing the industry. Leverage the latest technology and shift towards faster, better-informed decisions.

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Log Intelligence Correlate In Context

The exponential growth of the Internet of Things devices requires speed and scale. Insights into device data must keep the pace of instant.

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Internet of Things Speed and Scale

Protect your customers and your business from fraud. Better manage risk by immediately detecting unusual patterns in time to act.

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Security and Risk Continuous Protection