Real-Time Data Integration and Streaming Analytics

The Striim™ platform makes it easy to create streaming data pipelines – including change data capture (CDC) – for real-time log correlation, cloud integration, IoT edge processing, and streaming analytics.

An End-to-End Platform

Striim handles ingestion of a wide variety of fast data (including data trapped in enterprise databases), in-stream processing and analytics, and loading to all major Big Data, Cloud and other storage environments.

Analyzed data provides immediate value via real-time alerts, visualizations and triggers.

Data Ingestion

Effortlessly involve a broad array of high-velocity data sources.

Context Caches

Correlate your streaming data with rich history and context data in real time.

Native Times-Series

Sequentially aggregate, correlate, and analyze streaming events as they happen.

Continuous Queries

Data is processed continuously in-memory as it is received.

Flexible Windowing

Highly flexible stream segmentation allows windowing based on time.

Visualizations and Targets

Real-time access to streaming analytics via built-in visualization tools and standard interfaces.

An Easy-to-Use Platform

Deliver custom, real-time data integration and streaming analytics applications in days, starting with Striim’s out-of-the-box Wizards, and quickly tailoring the application using Striim’s drag-and-drop UI and SQL-like language.

The Speed of Reality

Make it fast and simple to capture, aggregate, correlate and visualize streaming data.


Simple, declarative interface to deliver data-driven apps so you can focus on business logic.

Build and Iterate

With an intuitive UI, wizards and SQL-like language, deliver custom apps in days.

An Enterprise-Grade Platform

Striim provides enterprise-grade redundancy, failover, recovery, checkpointing, security, and access control. The platform scales linearly, handling hundreds of millions of messages per second to meet the needs of real-time enterprises.

Robust and Scalable

Built by the makers of GoldenGate Software to exceed enterprise requirements.

Built-In Security

Security at the user and data level. Fault tolerant with checkpoint and rollback.

We Handle the Tough Bits

Robust yet flexible streaming analytics platform can be embedded into partner solutions.