Live Webinar: The Critical Role of a “Streaming First” Data Architecture in 2017

August 30

IDC recently predicted that the world will be creating 163 zettabytes (or 163 trillion gigabytes) of data a year by 20251. But this isn’t a 2025 problem. It’s a 2017 problem. In order to handle this data deluge, companies must begin the transition now to a “streaming first” data architecture.

Please join Striim CTO, Steve Wilkes, for a 30-minute live webinar discussion on the critical role of a “Streaming First” data architecture, and an overview of how Striim eases the transformation.

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VLDB 2017
Munich, Germany

August 28 - September 1
VLDB is a premier annual international forum for data management and database researchers, vendors, practitioners, application developers, and users. The VLDB 2017 conference will feature research talks, tutorials, demonstrations, and workshops. It will cover issues in data management, database and information systems research, since they are the technological cornerstones of the emerging applications of the 21st century. Alok Pareek, Striim founder and EVP Products, will be speaking.

Big Data Innovation Summit
Boston, MA

September 7-8
The fifth annual Big Data Innovation Summit will bring together over 60+ industry speakers, 230+ world-leading organizations and 400+ data pioneers across a variety of US (and global) industries. This exclusive event will provide you with the opportunity to share and develop new strategies, tools and solutions to drive ROI for your data initiatives.

Cloudera Sessions
Denver, CO 

September 13
Striim will have a table at the Denver Cloudera Session. Join us at this session where Denver's smartest data professionals will be discussing many of the newest use cases for machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)—ranging from predictive maintenance and fraud detection to product recommendation engines and proactive customer support. 


Cyber Security Summit

September 15
The annual New York Cyber Security Summit connects C-Suite & Senior Executives responsible for protecting their companies’ critical infrastructures with innovative solution providers and renowned information security experts.

Strata Data Conference

September 26-28
Strata Data Conference is the largest conference of its kind in the world—an immersion in the most intriguing use cases, challenging problems, ingenious technical achievements, and enticing opportunities in data today. The conference will take place at the Javits Center, the busiest convention center in the US. Striim will be at Booth #815. 

Oracle Open World
San Francisco, CA 

October 1-5 
Striim will have a booth at Oracle OpenWorld. At this conference, you'll find the latest in industry and product thought leadership. Focus areas include application development, artificial intelligence, customer experience, big data and analytics, database, Internet of Things, security, and more. 

IoT Solutions World Congress 
Barcelona, Spain 

October 3-5
Join us at the world’s leading Industry IoT congress, where over 250 of the most innovative and influential Industry IoT thinkers will gather together to share knowledge, present visions and explain how IoT is affecting many industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Connected Transport, Buildings & Infrastructure, Retail, Agriculture, Mining, Hospitality and more.

TDWI Solution Summit
Savannah, GA 

October 8-10 
The TDWI Solution Summit in Savannah is designed to bootstrap executives who must embrace the brave new world of big data and analytics to deploy innovative business solutions.

Webinar: Strategies for Managing the Oncoming Tsunami of Data

Over the next 8 years, the amount of data created per year will increase 10X to over 160 zettabytes – with 95% originating from the world of IoT – according to a new IDC report.

With this data deluge on the horizon, now is the time to architect for this new reality. The current strategies of Big Data storage and micro-batch processing and analysis, while important, will no longer be sufficient to handle such extreme data volumes, or make sense of it.

Join Alex Woodie, Managing Editor of Datanami, and Steve Wilkes, founder and CTO of Striim, for an interactive live discussion.

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On Demand: Counteract Cyberattacks and Fraud with Streaming Analytics

Recorded Webinar

Join guest speaker Stephanie Balaouras, Forrester Vice President and Research Director serving Security and Risk professionals, and Steve Wilkes, co-founder and CTO of Striim, to:

  • Discuss why today's security challenges are really an analytics challenge
  • Describe how streaming analytics solutions are combating external attacks, malicious insiders, and fraud
  • Distill the benefits of streaming analytics solutions to security and other initiatives in the organization

Real-world case studies of how streaming analytics is being used to prevent fraud and cyberattacks will also be shared.

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On Demand: Is ETL a 4-Letter Word?
Preparing for Streaming Analytics

Recorded Webinar

Organizations worldwide are learning hard lessons these days about the constraints of dated information systems. The time-tested process of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) is fast losing its ability to cope with the volume, velocity and variety of Big Data coming down the pike. Forward-thinking companies are therefore prepping the battle field by designing on-ramps to the future of streaming analytics.

View this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Analyst Mark Madsen explain how a new era of data solutions is rising to the challenge of streaming data. He's briefed by Steve Wilkes, founder and CTO of the Striim platform. Steve shares how enterprises are turning to streaming data integration, in-memory transformations and continuous processing to achieve the goals of ETL in milliseconds – at a fraction of the cost and complexity of legacy systems. Several case studies are shared.

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The Bloor Group

On Demand: Webinar - 8 Priorities for Modernizing Your Data Integration and Analytics Strategy

Which data-driven technologies will deliver real business value?

Please join Philip Russom, Director of TDWI Research, and Steve Wilkes, founder and CTO of Striim, as they provide insights on how to prioritize modern data integration and analytics strategies. They will offer insights on:

- Prioritizing integration technologies
- Providing the greatest benefits to the business
- How data analytics objectives can be easily achieved
- Real-world customer use cases

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