Customer Experience Management

Know your customers.

Your customers, especially your top customers, are important and require exceptional service.

Proactively monitor your systems in context of your customers to provide the best experience.


More Detail, Please

You need to provide your top customers with the best experience, but raw data seldom includes detailed customer information and history. 

To track and understand your customers, it is necessary to enrich the raw data with customer context in real time to enable you to increase customer satisfaction and minimize churn.

The Striim Solution

VIP customers often represent large portion of a consumer facing enterprise’s revenues. Striim enables you to proactively satisfy the needs of your most valuable customers.

  • Identify and track your VIP customers based on real-time behavior, location, and social media activity
  • Detect and react to customer churn patterns
  • Trigger automated workflows to address issues and prevent revenue loss
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

“Enrich” Your Customers

The Striim platform is specifically designed to enrich and correlate streaming data with context without slowing down processing, as well as to enable decisions based on activity patterns and geolocation.

Tracking your top customers and dealing with their needs immediately allows you to provide them with the best possible experience.