Big Data Analytics

Fast integration that scales.

You’ve already invested in Big Data. Maybe you already have a lake.

To get the full value, you need to filter and pre-preprocess your real-time data before it lands on disk.


Getting the Value from Big Data

Open Source Big Data technologies provide great value, but you need many engineering resources and multiple disciplines to integrate and process this data.

To truly leverage the value of your Big Data investments you need to organize and structure data before it is stored and provide insights quickly as the data is collected.

The Striim Solution

Without immediate knowledge of what’s time-sensitive or critical, issues and opportunities cannot be addressed in-time or in-context. Striim enables you to enrich, correlate, and tag data in-flight before you store it in your data lake.

  • Enable immediate response and reduce time to value — A data lake enables an eventual reaction to Big Data. But it doesn’t solve the need for an immediate response to Fast Data.
  • Leverage Change Data Capture from Oracle, SQLServer, HP NonStop and other operational databases.
  • Continuously ingest machine data from logs, devices, and sensors while adding structure and logic to simplify your downstream big data pipelines.
  • Simple, SQL-based interface to aggregate, enrich, and correlate data in flight before pushing it to your Big Data Platforms.

Structured and Organized Big Data

Big Data technologies can be utilized alongside many others in a single enterprise grade platform using simple SQL for processing. The Striim platform can structure and organize data before it becomes Big Data, and your investments in your Big Data infrastructure can be better leveraged to provide real-time streaming insights.