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Release notes

The following are the release notes for Striim Cloud 4.2.0.

Changes that may require modification of your TQL code, workflow, or environment

  • Starting with release 4.2.0, TRUNCATE commands are supported by schema evolution (see Handling schema evolution). If you do not want to delete events in the target (for example, because you are writing to a data warehouse in Append Only mode), precede the writer with a CQ with the select statement SELECT * FROM <input stream name> WHERE META(x, OperationName) != “Truncate”; (replacing <input stream name> with the name of the writer's input stream). Note that there will be no record in the target that the affected events were deleted.Handling schema evolution

  • If you are using MSJet, Contact Striim support for additional files required to resolve known issue DEV-37025.

  • MongoDB Reader no longer supports MongoDB versions prior to 3.6.

  • MongoDB Reader reads from MongoDB change streams rather than the oplog. Applications created in earlier releases will continue to read from the oplog after upgrading to 4.2. To switch to change streams:

    1. Export the application to a TQL file.

    2. Drop the application.

    3. Revise the TQL as necessary to support new features, for example, changing the Connection URL to read from multiple shards.

    4. Import the TQL to recreate the application.

  • Databricks Writer's Upload Policy's default eventcount value has been increased from 10000 to 100000 (see Databricks Writer properties).

Customer-reported issues fixed in release

  • DEV-28069: PREVIEW ... INPUTOUTPUT fails with "Failed to serialize" error

  • DEV-29576: Unable to deploy the application in web UI, though no issue using console

  • DEV-30820: Database Writer issue when multiple source tables have ColumnMap to the same target column

  • DEV-32547: MySQL Reader failing with UnsupportedDDLErrorException

  • DEV-32633: schema conversion utility not mapping tinyint(1) correctly

  • DEV-34375: BigQueryWriter not working after auto resume

  • DEV-36292: Oracle Reader > BigQuery Writer stops processing data after auto resume

  • DEV-36341:MariaDB Reader > Database Writer (MySQL) issue with zero timestamp values

  • DEV-36392: Database writer "Failed to fetch Type's class for Table" error

  • DEV-36477: Incremental Batch Reader (Oracle) > BigQuery Writer "Syntax error: Expected ")" but got end of script"

  • DEV-36584: Oracle Reader "Status is 2 table Metadata is changed skipping record Dictionary Mismatch for Table"

  • DEV-36703: Incremental Batch Reader application in starting status for more than 24 hours.

  • DEV-36710: Oracle Reader > Kafka Writer hangs

  • DEV-36714: Oracle Reader > Databricks Writer issue with RAW datatype in source

  • DEV-36755: web UI is slow

  • DEV-36786: Application Progress Table Summary is showing event type instead of table name

  • DEV-36816: application groups disappeared from the web UI

  • DEV-36890: MySQL Reader SSL connection does not work though it does with Database Reader

  • DEV-36912: MS SQL Reader > Database Writer (Sybase) issue handling duplicate events after recovery

  • DEV-36955: OracleReader > DatabaseWriter(Postgres) application stuck in stopping state

  • DEV-36998: Incremental Batch Reader takes too long to start

  • DEV-37064: MSJet CDDL issue with varchar(max)

  • DEV-37191: Forwarding Agent does not fail over to second server

  • DEV-37249: PostgreSQL Reader > Database Writer (Oracle) issue with CLOB column in target

  • DEV-37263: MySQL Reader > Snowflake Writer CDDL error "MySQL failed with Metadata Structure: No.of.Columns: (8):Event Structure: No.of Columns [7)"

  • DEV-37304: Oracle Reader socket read timeout error

  • DEV-37312: MSJet performance issue when running in Forwarding Agent

  • DEV-37366: Application Progress Total Input and Total Output show N/A

  • DEV-37471: Oracle Reader > ADLS Gen2 Writer + DSVFormatter some headers missing when using dynamic file / directory names

  • DEV-37567: MS SQL Reader > ADLS Gen2 Writer files not captured by Azure Event Grid

  • DEV-37583: GG Trail Reader fails with AdapterInternalException

  • DEV-37788: application name is not readable in UI

  • DEV-37830: MySQL Reader with SSL and StartTimestamp "No trusted certificate found"

  • DEV-38181: schema conversion utility doesn't work when database name contains underscore

  • DEV-38201: Oracle Reader > Kudu Writer stops writing to target

  • DEV-38239: Striim server crashes with out of memory error when there is ample free memory

  • DEV-38281: PostgreSQL Reader MON output missing Last Requested Replication Slot Flush LSN

  • DEV-38323: MS SQL Reader application halts with "Restart lsn specifed is not valid, its lower than Table minimum lsn."

  • DEV-38598: OJet > Database Writer (SQL Server) DDL operation that caused application to quiesce is not ignored after resuming the application

Customer-reported issues fixed in release

  • DEV-37255: MSJet "not a valid LSN" error

Customer-reported issues fixed in release

  • DEV-36758: DDAYS() function doesn't work with dynamic values

  • DEV-37291: BigQuery Writer does not terminate after "INVALID_ARGUMENT: MessageSize is too large" error

Customer-reported issues fixed in release 4.2.0

  • DEV-11526: Oracle Reader hangs after network outage

  • DEV-19035: unable to drop the JMSReader application

  • DEV-22094: PostgreSQL Reader > DAtabase Writer with Oracle fails on timestamp with time zone

  • DEV-25489: Oracle Reader not checking supplemental logging

  • DEV-26693: Incremental Batch Reader with PostgreSQL error with TIMESTAMPTZ

  • DEV-27618: Mongo CosmosDB Writer is slow for initial load

  • DEV-28054: LEE does not show correct values when the app contains an open processor

  • DEV-28500: GGTrail Reader not capturing ROWID in before images

  • DEV-28534: alert manager SMTP reset issue

  • DEV-28785: can't view Apps page

  • DEV-29264: REPORT LEE fails with com.webaction.wactionstore.Utility.reportExecutionTime error

  • DEV-29970: web UI message log missing messages

  • DEV-30476: high memory usage when GG Trail Reader processes large LOB data

  • DEV-31352: after making some changes in Flow Designer and dropping the app, the web UI hangs

  • DEV-31423: error in UpgradeMetadataReposOracleTo4101.sql

  • DEV-31579: notification issue

  • DEV-31993: MySQL Reader fails on a DDL change to a table not specified in the Tables property

  • DEV-32268: PostgreSQL Reader issue with non-lowercase schemas

  • DEV-32275: MongoDB Reader timed out after 10000 ms while waiting to connect

  • DEV-32632: MS SQL Reader > Database Writer with SQL Server missing events

  • DEV-33086: MongoDB Reader can't read from MongoDB version 5.0.13

  • DEV-33166: Databricks Writer "This request is not authorized to perform this operation using this permission"

  • DEV-33426: Databricks Writer "table not found" error when table exists

  • DEV-33510: MongoDB CDC sending Insert operation as Update operation

  • DEV-33543: exported TQL has stream and router DDL out of order

  • DEV-34346: MongoDB Reader with SSL > S3Writer crash

  • DEV-34365: MariaDBReader does not halt when when binlog file is not present

  • DEV-34399: Role tab of User page in web UI is blank

  • DEV-34551: GG Trail Reader uses old an old TDR record to create type and app crashes with ColumnType mismatch

  • DEV-34623: Azure Synapse Writer "Incorrect syntax near 'PERCENT'"

  • DEV-34725: PostgreSQL Reader > Database Writer with PostgreSQL JSON operator error

  • DEV-34768: unable to run setupOjet due to missing ojdbc-21.1.jar

  • DEV-34874: cannot enable CDDL Capture with Start Time/ Start Position

  • DEV-34926: UI slow

  • DEV-34966: Database Reader converting NULLs to 0 when selecting from int (unsigned) columns

  • DEV-35054: Oracle Reader SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Column 'FILENAME' cannot accept a NULL value.

  • DEV-35096: Alert Manager: email address with special characters not accepted

  • DEV-35164: Apps page keeps reloading after dropping app

  • DEV-35195: ADLS Gen2 Writer error "Component Type: TARGET. Cause: null"

  • DEV-35196: Issues when receiving alert mail during app crash

  • DEV-35349: BigQueryWriter in streaming mode "Could not parse '2023-03-01 12:41:16.216614+00' as a timestamp"

  • DEV-35379: Database Reader with SQL Server "Error occured while creating type for table, Problem creating type"

  • DEV-35405: OJet firstSCN issue

  • DEV-35428: MySQL Reader ignores DDL if there is a space before the schema name in the Tables string

  • DEV-35429: can't deploy app with router component after upgrade

  • DEV-35481: MS SQL Reader > Database Writer with Oracle NO_OP_UPDATE exception

  • DEV-35548: HTTP Reader is binding to non-SSL port

  • DEV-35581: exceptions not showing up in exception store

  • DEV-35654: property variable created in the web UI doesn't work in app

  • DEV-35790: BEFORE() function issue

  • DEV-35881: Snowflake Writer "Timestamp '2023-01-01 ��:��:��.000000000 ' is not recognized"

  • DEV-35974: Alert Manager page is blank

  • DEV-35994: All vaults lost after restarting Striim Platform or Striim Cloud

  • DEV-36135: app goes into quiesce state every time it is restarted

  • DEV-36157: Database Reader with MySql or MariaDB "Error occured while creating type for table {}"

  • DEV-36158: OJet issue when table has both primary and unique keys

  • DEV-36166: MariaDB "Out of range value for column 'asn' : value 4220006002 is not in class java.lang.Integer range"

  • DEV-36307: "invalid bytecode org.objectweb.asm.tree.analysis.AnalyzerException" when starting Striim

  • DEV-36308: upgrade fails with "metadataDB field is not set to one of the options derby, oracle, or postgres"

  • DEV-36352: MariaDB Reader > DatabaseWriter with MySQL "java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.Short"

Resolved issues

The following previously reported known issues were fixed in release 4.2.0:

  • DEV-29579: Databricks Writer cannot be used in Windows

  • DEV-31993: control characters in DDL statements cause application to halt

Known issues

  • DEV-5701: Dashboard queries not dropped with the dashboard or overwritten on import

    When you drop a dashboard, its queries are not dropped. If you drop and re-import a dashboard, the queries in the JSON file do not overwrite those already in Striim.

    Workaround: drop the namespace or LIST NAMEDQUERIES, then manually drop each one.

  • DEV-8142: SORTER objects do not appear in the UI

  • DEV-8933: DatabaseWriter shows no error in UI when MySQL credentials are incorrect

    If your DatabaseWriter Username or Password values are correct, you will see no error in the UI but no data will be written to MySQL. You will see errors in webaction.server.log regarding DatabaseWriter containing "Failure in Processing query" and "command denied to user."

  • DEV-11305: DatabaseWriter needs separate checkpoint table for each node when deployed on multiple nodes

  • DEV-17653: Import of custom Java function fails

    IMPORT STATIC may fail. Workaround: use lowercase import static.

  • DEV-19903: When DatabaseReader Tables property uses wildcard, views are also read

    Workaround: use Excluded Tables to exclude the views.

Third-party APIs, clients, and drivers used by readers and writers

  • Azure Event Hub Writer uses the azure-eventhubs API version 3.0.2.

  • Azure Synapse Writer uses the bundled SQL Server JDBC driver.

  • BigQuery Writer uses google-cloud-bigquery version 2.3.3.

  • Cassandra Cosmos DB Writer uses cassandra-jdbc-wrapper version 3.1.0

  • Cassandra Writer uses cassandra-java-driver version 3.6.0.

  • Cloudera Hive Writer uses hive-jdbc version 3.1.3.

  • CosmosDB Reader uses Microsoft Azure Cosmos SDK for Azure Cosmos DB SQL API 4.29.0.

  • CosmosDB Writer uses documentdb-bulkexecutor version 2.3.0.

  • Databricks Writer uses Databricks JDBC driver version 2.6.29. It also uses the following:

    • for authentication using Azure Active Directory: azure-identity version 1.5.3

    • for staging in ADLS Gen2: azure-storage-blob version 12.20.2

    • for staging in DBFS: databricks-rest-client version 3.2.2

    • for staging in S3: aws-java-sdk-s3 version 1.11.320

  • Derby: the internal Derby instance is version

  • Elasticsearch: the internal Elasticsearch cluster is version 5.6.4.

  • GCS Writer uses the google-cloud-storage client API version 1.106.0.

  • Google PubSub Writer uses the google-cloud-pubsub client API version 1.110.0.

  • HBase Writer uses HBase-client version 2.4.13.

  • Hive Writer and Hortonworks Hive Writer use hive-jdbc version 3.1.3.

  • The HP NonStop readers use OpenSSL 1.0.2n.

  • JMS Reader and JMS Writer use the JMS API 1.1.

  • Kafka: the internal Kafka cluster is version

  • Kudu: the bundled Kudu Java client is version 1.13.0.

  • Kinesis Writer uses aws-java-sdk-kinesis version 1.11.240.

  • MapR DB Writer uses hbase-client version 2.4.10.

  • MapR FS Reader and MapR FS Writer use Hadoop-client version 3.3.4.

  • MariaDB Reader uses maria-binlog-connector-java-0.2.3-WA1.

  • MariaDB Xpand Reader uses mysql-binlog-connector-java version 0.21.0 and mysql-connector-java version 8.0.27.

  • Mongo Cosmos DB Reader, MongoDB Reader, and MongoDB Writer use mongodb-driver-sync version 4.8.2.

  • MySQL Reader uses mysql-binlog-connector-java version 0.21.0 and mysql-connector-java version 8.0.27.

  • Oracle: the bundled Oracle JDBC driver is ojdbc-21.1.jar.

  • PostgreSQL: the bundled PostgreSQL JDBC 4.2 driver is version 42.4.0

  • Redshift Writer uses aws-java-sdk-s3 1.11.320.

  • S3 Reader and S3 Writer use aws-java-sdk-s3 1.11.320.

  • Salesforce Reader uses the REST API version 53.1.0.

  • Salesforce Writer: when Use Bulk Mode is True, uses Bulk API 2.0 Ingest; when Use Bulk Mode is False, uses the REST API version 53.1.0.

  • Snowflake Writer: when Streaming Upload is False, uses snowflake-jdbc version.3.13.15; when Streaming Upload is True, uses Snowflake Ingest SDK 1.0.2-beta.5.

  • Spanner Writer uses the google-cloud-spanner client API version 1.28.0 and the bundled JDBC driver is google-cloud-spanner-jdbc version 1.1.0.

  • SQL Server: the bundled Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver is version 7.2.2.