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Striim Cloud 4.1.2 documentation

Typographical and syntax conventions

In TQL and console-command syntax descriptions, the following conventions are used:

Monospace indicates text to be typed into the console or a web UI dialog.

Bold indicates a menu item, button name, or other web UI element that you select or click.

Braces indicate you must choose one of two or more elements separated by vertical bars. For example, LIST { ROLES | USERS } means the available commands are LIST ROLES and LIST USERS.

Angle brackets indicate elements you must replace. For example, you would replace <application name> with the name of a specific application.

Square brackets indicate optional elements in a command. For example, MON [<application name>] means you may use the command MON by itself or followed by the name of an application.

An ellipsis indicates that you may optionally specify multiple items. For example, fields=<field name>,... means you may specify multiple field names separated by commas, such as fields=city,state,zip. Similarly, <field name>:$IN$ <value>~... indicates that you may specify multiple field values separated by tildes, such as State:$IN$ California~Missouri~Nevada.