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What's new in Striim Cloud 4.2.0

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Striim Cloud Mission Critical is now available in Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. See Introducing Striim Cloud Mission Critical.

The following features are new in Striim Cloud

The following features are new in Striim Cloud 4.2.0.

Web UI

  • Resource usage policies can help prevent web UI slowdown (see Resource usage policies).

  • The Apps page has improvements in filtering, sorting, monitoring, and organizing apps.

  • ROUTER components may be created in the Flow Designer (see CREATE ROUTER).

Application development

  • Wizards support initial schema creation for Salesforce, Salesforce Pardot, and ServiceNow sources.

  • Schema evolution supports TRUNCATE TABLE for additional sources and targets (see Handling schema evolution).

  • Schema evolution supports ALTER TABLE ... ADD PRIMARY KEY. and ALTER TABLE ... ADD UNIQUE for MariaDB and MySQL (see Handling schema evolution).

Sources and targets

Change data capture

Administration, monitoring, and alerts