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Using an SSH tunnel to connect to a source or target


This feature is available only in Striim Cloud, not in Striim Platform.

When you need to connect to a source or target through a jump server, set up an SSH tunnel as follows.

  1. In the Striim Cloud Console, go to the Services page. If the service is not running, start it and wait for its status to change to Running.

  2. Next to the service, click ... and select Security.

  3. Click Create New Tunnel and enter the following:

    • Name: choose a descriptive name for this tunnel

    • Jump Host: the IP address or DNS name of the jump server

    • Jump Host Port: the port number for the tunnel

    • Jump Host Username: the jump host operating system user account that Striim Cloud will use to connect

    • Database Host: the IP address or DNS name of the source or target database

    • Database Port: the port for the database

  4. Click Create Tunnel. Do not click Start yet.

  5. Under Public Key, click Get Key > Copy Key.

  6. Add the copied key to your jump server's authorized keys file, then return to the Striim Cloud Security page and click Start. The SSH tunnel will now be usable in the source or target settings.

  7. Give the user specified for Jump Host Username the necessary file system permissions to access the key.

  8. Under Tunnel Address, click Copy to get the string to provide as the host name.