Striim 4.1.0 documentation


TQL applications may import Java functions. For example, see Using imported Java functions for the code used in a Java class called AggFunctions.

To use the custom AggFunctions.concatStringAggAsDSV method in TQL, you would add the compiled JAR file to .../Striim/lib, and restart Striim. Here is an example how you could use the custom method in your TQL:

IMPORT STATIC com.webaction.custom.AggFunctions.*;
CREATE CQ selectCustom
INSERT INTO EmailBodyStream
SELECT concatStringAggAsDSV('Security Event ' + w.eventtype + ' at ' + w.timeGenerated +
  ' occured '  + w.count + ' times by systems: ' + w.WorkStationName, '\n')
FROM SecEventReportWin w;