Striim 4.0.5 documentation


DROP { APPLICATION | FLOW | <component type> } <namespace>.<component name> [ CASCADE | FORCE ];

Removes a previously created component. For example:

DROP WACTIONSTORE Samples.MerchantActivity;

For an application or flow, if the CASCADE option is specified, all the components it contains are also removed. For a source that implicitly creates its output stream, if the CASCADE option is specified, the stream is also removed. For example:


The FORCE option works like CASCADE but will override any warnings that cause the DROP command to fail, such as components created in one application being used by another application. This may be used to drop applications that cannot be undeployed or to drop namespaces when DROP NAMESPACE ... CASCADE fails. Using FORCE may result in an invalid application. Using FORCE will remove all components from the metadata repository, but some components may remain in memory until the Striim cluster is restarted.

Note: DROP USER <user name> does not drop the corresponding <user name> namespace. If you wish to drop that as well, use DROP NAMESPACE <user name> CASCADE. (See Using namespaces for more about namespaces.)