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File Writer

Writes to files.

File Writer properties



default value


Compression Type


Set to gzip to write files in gzip format. Otherwise, leave blank.

Data Encryption Key Passphrase

encrypted password

See Setting encryption policies.



  • If no directory is specified, the file will be written to the Striim program directory.

  • If a directory name is specified without a path, it will be created in the the Striim program directory.

  • If the specified directory does not exist, it will be created, provided the Striim server process has the necessary permissions.

  • In a multi-server environment, if the directory is local to the Striim server, each server's file will contain only the events processed on that server.

  • If the source is a File Reader and its Include Subdirectories property is True, the files will be written to subdirectories (with the same names as in the source) of the specified directory.

See Setting output names and rollover / upload policies for advanced options.

Encryption Policy


See Setting encryption policies.

File Name


The base name of the files to be written. See Setting output names and rollover / upload policies.

Flush Policy


EventCount:10000, Interval:30s

If data is not flushed properly with the default setting, you may use this property to specify how many events FileWriter will accumulate before it writes to disk and/or the maximum number of seconds that will elapse between writes. For example:

  • 'eventcount:5000'

  • 'interval:10'

  • 'interval:10,eventcount:5000'

With a setting of 'eventcount:1', each event will be written to disk immediately. This can be useful during development, debugging, testing, and troubleshooting.

Rollover on DDL



Has effect only when the input stream is the output stream of a CDC reader source. With the default value of True, rolls over to a new file when a DDL event is received. Set to False to keep writing to the same file.

Rollover Policy


EventCount:10000, Interval:30s

See Setting output names and rollover / upload policies.

This adapter has a choice of formatters. See Supported writer-formatter combinations for more information.Supported writer-formatter combinations