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Automatically restarting an application

If known transient conditions such as network outages cause an application to terminate, you may configure it to restart automatically after a set period of time. The syntax is:

CREATE APPLICATION <name> AUTORESUME [ MAXRETRIES <integer> ] [ RETRYINTERVAL <interval in seconds> ];

The default values are two retries with a 60-second interval before each. Thus CREATE APPLICATION MyApp AUTORESUME; means that if MyApp terminates, Striim will wait one minute and restart it. If MyApp terminates a second time, Striim will again wait one minute and restart it, If MyApp terminates a third time, Striim will leave it in the TERMINATED state.


Be sure to set the RETRYINTERVAL high enough that the transient condition should have resolved itself and, if recovery is enabled, to also allow Striim enough time to recover the application (see Recovering applications).Recovering applications

To disable auto-resume, stop (or quiesce) and undeploy the application, then enter ALTER APPLICATION <name> DISABLE AUTORESUME;. To enable auto-resume again, undeploy the app and enter ALTER APPLICATION <name> ENABLE AUTORESUME, optionally including MAXRETRIES or RETRYINTERVAL.

You may also configure auto-resume settings in Flow Designer's App Settings.


If you enable auto-resume for an application, consider configuring a terminate alert for it as well (see Getting alerts about servers and applications).Sending alerts about servers and applications