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Striim Cloud 4.1.2 documentation

Application states

  • APPROVING QUIESCE: waiting for sources to approve or reject the Quiesce command; if rejected, the state will return to RUNNING

  • COMPLETED: Database Reader's "Quiesce on IL Completion" property was set to True and initial load has completed. This state is identical to QUIESCED except that quiesce is initiated by the application rather than by command of the user.

  • CREATED: ready to deploy

  • DEPLOY FAILED: an error caused deploy to fail (previous state was DEPLOYING). This state is identical to CREATED except that it displays the error.

  • DEPLOYED: ready to start or undeploy (previous state was DEPLOYING)

  • DEPLOYING: transitional state between CREATED and DEPLOYED

  • FLUSHING: transitional state between QUIESCING and QUIESCED; see QUIESCE

  • HALT: identical to TERMINATED except that the cause is an external issue, such as a source or target database being offline or not configured to accept the connection from Striim as specified in the adapter properties

  • NOT ENOUGH SERVERS: see CREATE DG (deployment group)

  • QUIESCED: ready to start or undeploy; see QUIESCE (previous state was QUIESCING)

  • QUIESCING: transitional state between RUNNING and QUIESCED

  • RECOVERING SOURCES: see Recovering applicationsRecovering applications

  • RUNNING: ready to stop or quiesce

  • STARTING: transitional state between DEPLOYED and RUNNING

  • STARTING SOURCES: application has started but sources are not running yet

  • STOPPED: ready to start or undeploy (previous state was STOPPING)

  • STOPPING: transitional state between RUNNING and STOPPED

  • TERMINATED: application stopped unexpectedly, undeploy to continue

  • UNKNOWN: the application's state cannot be determined

  • VERIFYING STARTING: Striim is validating the application; if valid, the next state is STARTING SOURCES, if invalid, the next state is TERMINATED