Businesses today are facing a rapidly changing technology landscape with multiple pressures requiring modernization towards the Digital Enterprise. The Striim platform provides streaming integration with intelligence to relieve these technology pressures and enable organizations to integrate their data sources in real-time. Streaming Integration is all about continuously moving any enterprise data, while handling extreme volumes, at scale, with high throughput. Processing, analyzing, and correlating data in flight and making data valuable, verifiable and visible in real-time.

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Unedited Transcript: 

Streaming integration with intelligence. Businesses today are facing a rapidly changing technology landscape with multiple pressures requiring modernization towards the digital enterprise. Over the past 20 years or so, data platforms have evolved from the databases and data warehouses of the late 20th century through harnessing machine logs and large scale distributed data lakes in the last decade to a complete digital transformation resulting in today’s highly diverse environment. This may incorporate hybrid cloud models with elastic capabilities, a huge variety of sources including real-time sensor information, real-time insights powered by streaming data hubs like Kafka and advanced analytics through machine learning and AI. This coupled with ever-increasing data volumes and continual advances in technology may leave organizations not knowing where to start. This could all be made much easier by leveraging streaming integration as part of a data architecture modernization. Streaming integration is all about continuously moving any enterprise data while handling extreme volumes at scale with high throughput processing, analyzing and correlating data in flight and making data valuable, verifiable, and visible in real-time.

The Striim platform starts with continuous data collection capturing data as soon as it is created from sensors, messaging systems, files and databases through change data capture to create real-time data streams. These streams can be used to continuously move data in the simplest cases just delivering to one of many enterprise or cloud targets. The stream supports this data movement. Frequently utilize is add built-in Apache Kafka. However, users often need to process data and add value before delivering it and this is done through in-memory sequel based processing to filter, transform, aggregate and enrich data before it lands. Intelligence comes through additional analytics features enabling correlation, anomaly detection and pattern matching plus integration with third-party machine learning for real time predictions. The results are processing can be made visible through realtime dashboards and alerts, making your data operational and actionable. The platform can integrate with your enterprise and be extended with custom functions as necessary.

All in an enterprise-grade platform that is inherently distributed, scalable, reliable and secure. Streaming data flows can be built easily using our wizards and drag and drop UI and processing in SQL enables those that know data to work with it in real-time. Making data visible is just as easy. With our dashboard builder, you can visualize, analyze, and interact with streaming data in real-time without any coding skills. This enables a Striim platform to be used for many different use cases like data distribution from one or more source to Kafka cloud and other targets, data replication and consolidation and cloud adoption. With option Localytics, you can do multi load correlation and build streaming data hubs or integrate with machine learning for operational AI. The Striim platform and streaming integration with intelligence is the foundation for data modernization and can help relieve many of the technology pressures you face today. Talk to us today to see what Striim can do for your business or download Striim and tray for yourself.