Striim on-premise to Azure integration step 2. In this three-part series, you’ll learn how to:

1. Set-up Striim Cluster in Azure
2. Install Striim Agent On-Premise
3. Create Oracle to Azure SQL Flow

See step one here.


Unedited Transcript:

This three-part tutorial shows you how to integrate data in real time from a database on premise to Azure SQL DB in the cloud. The first step is to create a Striim cluster in Azure using our Striim for real-time integration to SQL database marketplace offering. Next, you will need to install a Striim agent on premise enabling you to capture data in real time from the local database and finally your Creator and run a data flow that moves the data in real time from the on premise database to Azure SQL DB. In this second step, you’re going to install a Striim agent on premise. You start by going to the Striim UI in a browser. Once you have logged in, you can download the Striim agent to connect to Oracle. You’ll need to download the oracle JDBC jar file and copied to the Striim Agent Library directory. Once this is done, you can start up the agent and connect it to your Striim cluster to go to the UI.

You’ll need the domain name information you entered when setting up the cluster. You can copy this from the overview page of the master node VM. Be sure to open the default http port of 90 80 to the URL. This takes you to the Striim login page. The default username is admin with the StriimĀ admin user password you noted down while setting up the cluster. After logging in, you’ll see a page from which you can build applications. Clicking on get started takes you to a resources page which allows you to download the eight and pure environment. Here we’re using the Striim agent for Mac OSX running the downloaded file. We’ll start the agent installer. You need to accept the evaluation agreement and choose an installation location. The information for configuring the agent comes from the parameters you entered when you created the Striim cluster. Enter the cluster name and password that you previously noted.

The Striim server address can be copied from your VM overview page and you don’t have to choose a network interface unless you have more than one. Once the agent is configured and downloaded, you need to install the oracle JDBC driver. This can be obtained from Oracle using a web search. These database version dependent copy of this file to the live directory of the agent. Install now launch the agent and it should connect into your Striim cluster. What’s the age disconnected? You can verify the connection by going to the Striim monitor page. You should see two servers and your agent. You are now ready to move onto the final step of creating and running the on premise to cloud data flow.