Unedited Transcript:

Striim Fraud Analytics Solution – Detecting Fraud Rings Using NEO4J

Banks and insurance companies lose billions of dollars each year due to fraud. Groups of individuals often work together in rings to commit fraud.

Simple relations are easier to spot, but complex connections require specialized technology. To detect this type of fraud, data must be collected from a variety of sources, processed and enriched, and a graph database used to identify connections using analytics.

The data must be available in real time and fraud alerting must be immediate.

Striim can collect data from enterprise databases using chance data capture, logs, messaging, and sensors – process and enrich this streaming data before continuous delivery to NEO4J.

NEO4J identifies relationships including circular graphs that may indicate fraud rings. This is fed back to Striim for immediate analysis and visualized on a dashboard. Alerts are sent for identified rings.

In this demo, data for cars, people, and accidents are stored in Oracle tables along with their relationships. A Striim server is used for data collection, processing, and analytics, and its operation visualized by a dashboard in the cloud. Data is collected by Striim at the edge from Oracle using change data capture.

The Striim server processes and enriches change data from Oracle and delivers it to NEO4J, which maintains the relationships and can spot the circles that represent fraud rings.

Striim obtains this from NEO4J and joins these results with its analysis. Displaying this on a dashboard that has been built using Striim with the interactive dashboard builder, with alerts sent immediately as soon as the potential fraud is discovered.

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