See how Veloxity uses the Striim’s platform (formerly WebAction) to fuel a paradigm shift for Customer Experience Management (CXM) in wireless telecommunications.

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Unedited Transcript:

Veloxity is focusing basically on the user devices and the consumer experience, network experience and the mobile experience. We did not collect this information from the network elements that the traditional tools are doing right now. We are looking at the networks from the consumer’s eyes. We are the eyes of the consumer looking at the network, not the network guys looking at the network. You like to write software for our own business pro core business. We don’t like to write software for, you know, um, oxalate or things that’s gonna help us to do our core business. So our core business is to get these analytics mobile analytics and process them and make something useful out of it. Like offloading like decision of where you should put the traffic, where are the hotspots and things like that. We don’t want to become a big data company writing software codes on big data, open source, open platforms, you know, intelligence, how I should use that data is well cities, but how to process it.

I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t care about that. It should be very easy for me to integrate. Whenever I go to new operators should be very easy for me to integrate that real timeliness to my system. So, um, it has to be in a few clicks in order to say I shouldn’t even see something. So that either exists or that I should forget about it. And velocity can bring down their intelligence because we are on the device because we can a profile each and every network because we know where this subscriber, where the consumer is at that moment because we know both of the networks at the same time because we have a data platform in the cloud. Knowing that information is good, but you have to know that in real time because the problem happens at that time. It’s not like five minutes later. So that’s where web action came into the action.

It’s very much different than what, how the platform provides. It’s very much real time. It’s, you know, offers decision not to even the data, you know, the decisions that we have to make. It offers any processes in a very fast manner. So the number of transactions per second is a is like shall shabby. Millions and hundreds of millions, sometimes per second. You want to be at least 1 billion device throughout the world. So 1 billion device as a target is very much achievable and it’s scary at the same time because you know, per user, um, data can reach sometimes that you go by per day. That’s really big number. I mean if you put it that way, it’s a 1 billion gigabytes per day data that you want to process, right? So the future is limited security, but I think if we are getting to that point there, action as well in an affordable number of hardware, we’ll be able to process our billionaire one.

So that’s um, that’s exciting. At the same time. Then we showed that to our first client, a big Eh, Wifi Telco, the data deck be processed for them for 10,000 devices only. They were amazed because it was terabytes of data. That’s really a very exciting size of a company. And that young company like Veloxity, you know, to go to the big players and excite them like this. So, the future is very bright and as long as we go with the, with this kind of partnership and it grows fast and the, I think you’re going to change the industry’s understanding pretty deeply.