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Automate Operational Intelligence

Real-Time Streaming Analytics Helps Automate Operational Intelligence


Captured in machine-generated data is a record of machine behavior, security threats, customer behavior, user transactions, fraudulent activity, and more. Operational intelligence is the practice of analyzing this data with the intention of gaining an understanding of what’s happening across your IT systems and technology infrastructure, enabling you to make informed decisions.


In traditional operational intelligence systems, machine-generated data are ingested, stored, indexed and made available for analysis. The database, designed to facilitate interactive queries, is updated in batches. This interactive approach, however, introduces significant latency between events and analysis, and there is no real-time data.

To differentiate from the competition, businesses need to advance beyond the batch processing methods of traditional operational intelligence systems, which only provide data in hindsight. Many issues occur repeatedly during day-to-day operations, and businesses need to automate their responses in real-time to gain efficiencies, reduce costs and free up valuable personnel. Making the most informed decisions and providing the best responses often requires the correlation of real-time data with historical data from enterprise context sources.

Striim Solution

Our product enables the next leap forward in operational intelligence by providing you with the ability to process and analyze your machine-generated data stream in real time. The Striim platform empowers you to be proactive, automating event response rather than interactively searching historical data and reacting to ad hoc events.

The platform assimilates your existing enterprise data with machine-generated data from a wide variety of real-time sources such as market data, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices, sensors, log files, social media and database transactions. Using a simple GUI, you can rapidly and easily turn your searches into custom enterprise-grade applications, from simple alerts to real-time dashboards to the most complex automated response systems.

With Striim, IT staff can correlate real-time data from firewalls, routers, and security systems, aggregating and treating multiple complex events as a single security breach, and automating the responses – preventing access by the offender, bundling log files and other data for historical records, and initiating searches for data leaks. Similarly, business (non-IT) users can create real-time stream analytics applications, integrating dynamic, streaming data with static data from across the enterprise, developing business logic to identify customer intent or nefarious activity.


By aggregating, correlating, and analyzing streaming data in real-time, you can make sense of your data and respond to events in real time. This eliminates the lag of traditional operational intelligence systems, increasing your efficiency and agility. When you leverage the platform’s tools to create custom stream analytics applications that identify and automate responses to events, you free up valuable staff to focus on critical issues, reducing costs and increasing your ROI. It can even be used as a pre-filter, ensuring only events of interest are stored in the operational intelligence database, reducing the long-term storage and expenses associated with operational intelligence systems.


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Realtime Use Cases

  • Real-time operational intelligence
  • Streaming filtering
  • Automated response to real-time events

Business Impact

  • Workflow automation
  • Instant response to events
  • Cost reduction

Data Source

  • Transactional data
  • Enterprise context sources
  • Machine data
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