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Crowdsourced Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Real-Time Stream Analytics: A CXM Game-Changer for Mobile Carriers


Wireless customers rely on their mobile devices more heavily than ever before, and do not have the time or patience to tolerate service interruptions. Cisco reported[1] that global mobile devices and connections in 2014 grew to 7.4 billion, up from 6.9 billion in 2013. When a customer is inconvenienced, not only do carriers risk losing that customer, but also prospective customers, and the investment spent to obtain that customer in the first place.

[1]Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2014–2019


Carriers work diligently to monitor networks to provide the best possible service, but traditional wireless Customer Experience Management (CXM) methods are not designed to analyze the volume and velocity of data being generated by the sheer number of mobile devices. Current CXM typically relies on self-reporting or gathering and processing feedback data in batches. This approach lacks real-time automatic feedback and the granularity needed to understand and quickly address specific customer concerns.

Carriers need the ability to differentiate their service and mitigate damage from negative service reviews by looking beyond batch processing methods of CXM — which only provide data in hindsight. Customer retention in today’s fickle market requires the ability to track every device in your network, process that data, and respond to customer issues — in real-time.

Striim Solution

The Striim platform facilitates the next leap forward in Customer Experience Management for mobile telecom by providing the most comprehensive real-time stream analytics platform to harness their Big Data insights immediately. Embedding the platform allows carriers to continuously collect and process detailed data for every wireless device within a network, including: signal strength, signal quality, device-specific analytics, network mobility, bandwidth usage, and data consumption per app. Carriers can personalize service by offering real-time dynamic network management for millions of devices continuously. Real-time data allows carriers to refine their network in response to device analytics and immediately take proactive measures to resolve Quality of Service (QoS) issues, such as remotely changing a mobile device’s Wi-Fi channel for reduced interference.


Know what is happening with every customer’s device in realtime and preemptively solve problems before they are noticed, avoiding customer churn, and creating loyalty within competitive markets. The Striim platform provides carriers transparency across their entire wireless network infrastructure. This solution also makes instant “crowd sourced” QoS analytics possible from a real-time customer-centric perspective. While at the same time providing granular details on how the customer experiences the network and uses mobile apps.


  • Telecommunications

Realtime Use Cases

  • Crowdsourced QoS
  • Customer Experience Management (CXM)
  • Dynamic Network Management

Business Impact

  • Real-time CXM (enhanced)
  • Realtime mobile device visibility
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Experience-based mobile network optimization
  • Rich dashboards of aggregated and enriched data from millions of mobile devices every second
  • Real-time network profiling

Data Source

  • Mobile apps
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