Industry Solutions

Each industry and each company is unique in how they run their operations, but the need for timely and accurate insight is universal. Striim helps businesses across different industries make timely and smart decisions using a modern streaming data architecture.

Customer Example

iBasis delivers voice traffic solutions and uses Striim to monitor its network operations in real time to ensure highest quality of network service to its customers and avoid costly network failures. iBasis replaced its ETL solution to be able to capture and monitor network data continuously.

Striim compares the network data stream with baseline thresholds to trigger warnings in real time. The company now ensures that VIP customers are not affected from any performance issue by re-distributing the network load automatically when Striim detects a non-self-correcting performance drop.

Architected for mission-critical environments, Striim provides insights at the speed of reality and enables businesses to seize time-sensitive opportunities and outsmart risk factors.