Smart Data Pipelines

Gone are the days of slow data migration and replication sent in batches from point A to point B. You may have already tried data pipelines, but with a smart data pipeline you can ensure the uninterrupted flow of your data for continuous insights and optimal customer experiences.

Why choose Smart Data Pipelines?

Make better, faster decisions with the right data at the right time. The smartest solution for your business is Smart Data Pipelines.

Instant access

Accelerate your modern data architecture by connecting on-premise and cloud environments and enable access to business users more easily.

Instant Insights

Smart Data Pipelines provide access to your streaming data in real-time. With fresh data always available in your cloud data warehouse, you can yield actionable insights and make decisions more quickly to meet customer expectations.

Key Features of Striim’s Smart Data Pipelines

Real-time data integration

Real-time integration means you can access the right data at the right time, resulting in the right decision for your business. Smart Data Pipelines make it all happen with real-time data movement and built-in connectors that can feed multiple pipelines to distinct data targets.


Whether your data resides on-premises or in the cloud, Smart Data Pipelines can bridge the gap between legacy servers and the latest applications your organization needs to thrive. Smart Data Pipelines are the glue that holds your modern data architecture together.

Applications built on streaming data

Smart Data Pipelines empower you to easily build applications on streaming data with familiar SQL so you can get started quickly. Once a smart data pipeline is in place you can leverage machine learning and automated responses to keep ahead of the competition.


The ability to infinitely scale as your data demands it can result in data costs that escalate quickly. Smart Data Pipelines enable you to not only scale easily but to also scale in the most cost-effective manner possible.


Smart Data Pipelines reliably deliver all your critical workflows and ensure zero downtime. Before Smart Data Pipelines you could never guarantee that exactly-once or at-least once processing would work without manually managing the entire process to ensure no duplication of messages.

Schema evolution

As your business evolves so does your usage of various applications. Automatic schema evolution helps you keep pace with changes on your source database as your connected applications evolve. Smart Data Pipelines are equipped with schema evolution capabilities so that users can specify exactly how they want to handle DDL changes.

Pipeline monitoring

Provide your data customers with built-in dashboards and monitoring so they can easily monitor the state of their data flows in real-time. When seconds matter to your business, data freshness is guaranteed by Smart Data Pipelines.

Decentralize data and decouple from applications

With a decentralized approach you can serve an infinite number of business groups with all the analytical data products required for their unique use cases. A decoupled solution creates more stability for your organization – if one subscriber goes down, the others remain unaffected.

Ready to get started?

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