Load Windows Event Log Data to Hortonworks in Real Time

Striim’s streaming data integration helps companies move real-time data a from a wide range of sources such as Windows Event Log to Hortonworks.

Data can also be pre-processed in-flight, transforming and enriching the data in-motion before delivering to Big Data targets like Hadoop and NoSQL, without introducing latency.

Integration from Windows Event Log to Hortonworks

Why Striim?

Feed your Big Data solutions continuously with real-time, pre-processed data from Windows Event Log to Hortonworks to support operational intelligence.

By loading and storing up-to-date, filtered, transformed, and enriched data in enterprise data lakes, you gain insights faster and easier, while better managing limited data storage capacity.

Get started integrating data from Windows Event Log to Hortonworks with a couple of clicks. Sign up for a free trial or talk to an integration expert.

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