Striim Migration Service for Google Cloud Documentation

Supported sources and targets

SMSGC currently supports the following sources and targets.


  • Amazon S3 (delimited files): Contact SMSGC support for more information

  • MariaDB

    • on-premise

    • Amazon RDS for MariaDB

    • Azure Database for MariaDB

  • MySQL

    • on-premise

    • Amazon Aurora for MySQL

    • Amazon RDS for MySQL

    • Azure Database for MySQL

  • Oracle

    • on-premise

    • Amazon RDS for Oracle

    • Oracle Exadata

  • PostgreSQL

    • on-premise

    • Amazon Aurora for PostgreSQL

    • Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

    • Azure Database for PostgreSQL

  • SQL Server

    • on-premise

    • Amazon RDS for SQL Server

    • Azure SQL Managed Instance


  • Cloud Spanner

  • Cloud SQL for MySQL

  • MySQL running in Google Compute Engine VM

  • Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

  • PostgreSQL running in Google Compute Engine VM

  • Cloud SQL for SQL Server

  • SQL Server running in Google Compute Engine VM

  • File Writer (for development and testing)

  • SysOut (for development and testing)


SMSGC (Bidirectional) allows synchronization of two databases, with inserts, updates, and deletes in each replicated in the other. Oracle is supported only as a source. See Bidirectional replication in the Striim platform documentation for more information.