Striim Migration Service for Google Cloud Documentation

Start streaming integration

  1. Select App Settings, enter 10 as the Recovery Interval, and click Save.

  2. Select the source and click Show optional properties.

    • For MySQL, set Start Time to the timestamp you recorded before creating the target tables.

    • For MariaDB, set Start Position to the GTID you recorded before creating the target tables.

    Click Save.

  3. If the initial load included open transactions, the application might attempt to write rows that already exist in the target, which would cause it to crash. To avoid this, select the target, click Show optional properties, set Ignorable Exception Code to 1062, NO_OP_UPDATE, and click Save. (1062 is the MysQL error code for duplicate primary key.)

  4. Select Created > Deploy App > Deploy., then when deploying is complete select Deployed > Start App.

  5. If you set Ignorable Exception Code, when you know all open transactions have completed and been written to the target, undeploy and stop the application, edit the target, clear the Ignorable Exception Code value, save, and deploy and start the application. Since recovery is enabled, writing will resume where it left off, and there will be no missing or duplicate rows.