StriimĀ® 4.0.5 release notes


For evaluating Striim:

A production environment will require more memory and disk space.

Java SE JDK 7 and OpenJDK 7 are no longer supported. You must upgrade to version 8.

The web client has been tested on Chrome. Other web browsers should work, but if you encounter bugs, try Chrome.

Changes that may require modification of your TQL code, workflow, or environment

Sybase identity column support

See Enabling Database Writer support for identity columns in Sybase targets.

Oracle Reader's DDL support has been deprecated in favor of schema evolution

The DDL support docuemnted in Including DDL operations in Oracle Reader output has been deprecated in this release. Applications created in earlier releases that use this feature are still supported but schema evolution cannot be enabled for those applications and reating new applications is not supported. Oracle Reader's DDL Capture Mode property does not appear in the UI.

If you wish to migrate from the old feature to schema evolution, you must create a new application.

New Halt state & alerts

The new HALT status indicates that an application failure is due to an external cause, such as a source or target database being offline. If you have any alerts on application Crash, you should create additional alerts for Halt. For more in formation, see Administrator's Guide > Sending alerts about servers and applications.

An in-place upgrade from Striim 3.x will delete all data persisted to Elasticsearch.

To preserve this data, use the export-import method instead. See Installation Guide > Upgrading Striim > In-place upgrade.

BigQuery expects time-partitioned tables by default

By default, starting in 4.0, BigQuery expects target tables to be partitioned by ingestion time or DATE, DATETIME, or TIMESTAMP columns. See Adapters Guide > Writers > BigQuery Writer > Improving performance by partitioning BigQuery tables.

Oracle Reader transaction buffer defaults have changed

By default, Oracle Reader now automatically buffers transactions larger than 100MB to disk. See Change Data Capture (CDC) Guide > Oracle Database > Oracle Reader properties > Change Transaction Buffer Type.

Kafka SASL configuration has changed

Starting in Striim 4.0, SASL properties are specified in the Kafka Config property of Kafka Reader and Kafka Writer. If you connect to a Kafka cluster that uses SASL, see Installation and Configuration Guide > Configuring Kafka for details.

SQL Server JDBC drivers

SQL Server 2008 requires an older version of Microsoft's JDBC driver that is not compatible with the most recent SQL Server versions. See the Installation and Configuration Guide > Configuring Striim > Insalling third-party drivers > Installing the Microsoft JDBC driver for more information.

Customer-reported issues fixed in release 4.0.5:

Resolved issues

No previously reported known issues were fixed in this release.

Known issues

The following issues have been identified but not yet fixed as of this release. Additional known issues are mentioned in the relevant topics in the documentation.

HTTPReader is missing the Parser menu in the UI (DEV-1854)

Workaround: Use the console or import TQL.

WActionStore silently discards events with null value for event type key (DEV-5599)

Creating a source using HTTPReader and DSVParser fails with error (DEV-5916)

Workaround: Have the sender include type=dsv in the URI. For example:

curl -X POST ""...

Dashboard queries not dropped with the dashboard or overwritten on import (DEV-6068)

When you drop a dashboard, its queries are not dropped. If you drop and re-import a dashboard, the queries in the JSON file do not overwrite those already in Striim.

Workaround: drop the namespace.

SORTER objects do not appear in the UI (DEV-8142)

DatabaseWriter shows no error in UI when MySQL credentials are incorrect (DEV-8933)

If your DatabaseWriter Username or Password values are correct, you will see no error in the UI but no data will be written to MySQL. You will see errors in webaction.server.log regarding DatabaseWriter containing Failure in Processing query and command denied to user.

DatabaseWriter needs separate checkpoint table for each node when deployed on multiple nodes (DEV-11305)

Import of custom Java function fails (DEV-17653)

IMPORT STATIC may fail. Workaround: use lowercase import static.

When DatabaseReader Tables property uses wildcard, views are also read (DEV-19903)

Workaround: use Excluded Tables to exclude the views.