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Supporting Active Directory authentication for Azure

When reading from or writing to Azure SQL Database or writing to Azure SQL Data Warehouse, you may use Active Directory authentication. This is not supported in sources running in a Forwarding Agent.


Updating .jar files in striim/lib may cause problems with other Striim functions that use them. If you encounter problems, delete the files added in step 3, restore the files in striim/lib.backup, and restart Striim.

  1. Move the following files from striim/lib to striim/lib.backup:

    • adal4j-1.0.0.jar

    • gson-2.8.9.jar

    • oauth2-oidc-sdk-9.32.jar or oauth2-oidc-sdk-9.7.jar

  2. Download the following from and copy them to striim/lib:

    • adal4j-1.6.4.jar

    • gson-2.8.0.jar

    • javax.mail-1.4.5.jar

    • oauth2-oidc-sdk-6.5.jar

  3. Restart Striim (see Starting and stopping Striim Platform).

To use Active Directory authentication, in the source or target adapter properties, for Username enter the fully qualified Active Directory user name, for Password enter its password, and use the following syntax for the Connection URL:

jdbc:sqlserver://<SQL Server IP address>:<port>;authentication=ActiveDirectoryPassword;

See Connecting using Azure Active Directory authentication for more information. Striim does not support the ActiveDirectoryIntegrated or ActiveDirectoryMSI properties.