Striim 3.9.8 documentation

What's new in Striim 3.9.8

The following features are new in Striim 3.9.8.


  • The MeetupMap sample application demonstrates the Vector Map visualization using a live source to map real-time data from all over the world.

  • The SAMPLE BY option allows you to reduce the amount of data in an overloaded visualization while preserving the distribution of data in the full data set (see Defining dashboard queries).

Application development

  • CREATE EXTERNAL CACHE allows lookups from database tables that contain more data than can be cached in memory.

  • The Field Enricher event transformer provides a graphical way to create joins (see Using event transformers).

  • Open processors can be loaded and unloaded dynamically, without restarting Striim (see Loading and unloading open processors), and the SHOW LIBRARIES command lists currently loaded custom Java functions and open processors.

  • The SAMPLE BY option allows you to specify the maximum number of events to be returned by a CQ or to return a specified percentage of the total (see CREATE CQ (query).

  • Streams can be partitioned using statements (see Adapting TQL applications for multi-server deployment).

  • When exporting applications containing passwords or other encrypted property values, you can choose to remove those values or to add a second level of encryption with a passphrase that will be required on import.

Sources and targets

Change data capture

Administration and monitoring

  • Applications containing a Database Reader source automatically quiesce when that source finishes reading the data that existed when it started reading (see Database Reader).

  • Exception stores collect exceptions for a single application in a queryable format (see CREATE EXCEPTIONSTORE).

  • Debug log entries are written to striim.server.debug.log instead of striim.server.log (see Reading log files).

Installation, configuration, and security