Striim 3.9.7 documentation

What's new in Striim 3.9.7

The following features are new in Striim 3.9.7.

Application development

Bidirectional replication allows synchronization of two databases, with inserts, updates, and deletes in each replicated in the other.

Sources and targets

Change data capture

Installation and configuration

  • Striim includes a script for Changing the Derby password.

  • The internal Derby instance is version

  • The internal Elasticsearch cluster is version 5.6.4.

  • The bundled Google Cloud Spanner JDBC driver is google-cloud-spanner-jdbc version 1.1.0.

  • The internal Kafka cluster is version

  • The bundled MapR client is version 5.1.

  • The bundled PostgreSQL JDBC driver is version 42.2.2.