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Striim Cloud 4.1.0 documentation

WAction and WActionStore

A WActionStore stores event data from one or more sources based on criteria defined in one or more queries. These events may be related using common key fields. The stored data may be queried by CQs (see CREATE CQ (query)), by dashboard visualizations (see Defining dashboard queries), or manually using the console (see Browsing data with ad-hoc queries). This data may also be directly accessed by external applications using the REST API (see Querying a WActionStore using the REST API).

A WActionStore may exist only in memory or it may be persisted to disk (see CREATE WACTIONSTORE). If a WActionStore exists only in memory, when the available memory is full, older events will be removed to make room for new ones. If a WActionStore is persisted to disk, older events remain available for use in queries and visualizations and by external applications.

A WAction typically consists of:

  1. detail data for a set of related real-time events (optional)

  2. results of calculations on those events

  3. common context information

For example, a WAction of logins for a user might contain:

  1. source IP, login timestamp, and device type for each login by the user (detail data)

  2. number of logins (calculation)

  3. username and historical average number of logins (context information)

If the number of logins exceeded the historical average by a certain amount, the application could send an alert to the appropriate network administrators.

Including the detail data (by including the LINK SOURCE EVENT option in the query) allows you to drill down in the visualizations to see specific events. If an application does not require that, detail data may be omitted, reducing memory requirements.

See PosApp for a discussion of one example.