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Striim Cloud 4.1.0 documentation


A stream is associated with a Striim data model type, a type being a named set of fields, each of which has a name and a Java data type, such as Integer or String (see Supported data types for a full list). Any other Java type may be imported and used, though with some restrictions, for example regarding serializability. One field may have a key for use in generating WActions.

A stream that receives its input from a source is automatically assigned the Striim type associated with the reader specified in the source. For other streams, you must create an appropriate Striim type. Any casting or other manipulation of fields is performed by queries.

Here is sample TQL code for a Striim type suitable for product order data:

  storeId      String KEY,
  orderId      String,
  sku          String,
  orderAmount  Double,
  dateTime     DateTime

Each event of this type will have the ID of the store where it was purchased, the order ID, the SKU of the product, the amount of the order, and the timestamp of the order.