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Striim Cloud 4.1.0 documentation

Step 5: populate the dashboard

The GenerateWactionContent query enhances the data from MerchantTxRateWithStatusStream with the merchant's company, city, state, and zip code, and the latitude and longitude to position the merchant on the map, then populates the MerchantActivity WActionStore:


In a real-world application, the data for the NameLookup cache would come from a periodically updated table in the payment processor's system, but the data for the ZipLookup cache might come from a file such as the one used in this sample application.

When the application finishes processing all the test data, the WActionStore will contain 423 WActions, one for each merchant. Each WAction includes the merchant's context information (MerchantId, StartTime, CompanyName, Category, Status, Count, HourlyAve, UpperLimit, LowerLimit, Zip, City, State, LatVal, and LongVal) and all events for that merchant from the MerchantTxRateWithStatusStream (merchantId, zip, String, startTime, count, totalAmount, hourlyAvet, upperLimit, lowerLimit, category, and status for each of 40 five-minute blocks). This data is used to populate the dashboard, as detailed in PosAppDash.