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Striim Cloud 4.1.0 documentation

Step 3: define the data set

PosDataStream passes the data to the window PosData5Minutes:


A window is in many ways comparable to a table in a SQL database, just as the events it contains are comparable to rows in a table. The Mode and Size settings determine how many events the window will contain and how it will be refreshed. With the Mode set to Jumping, this window is refreshed with a completely new set of events every five minutes. For example, if the first five-minute set of events received when the application runs from 1:00 pm through 1:05 pm, then the next set of events will run from 1:06 through 1:10, and so on. If the Mode were set to Sliding, the window continuously adds new events and drops old ones so as to always contain the events of the most recent five minutes.