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Setting up HP NonStop with the Striim agent

The Striim agent software for HP NonStop comprises 5 objects that need to be installed on the source HP NonStop system :

  • WAGENT - Agent process responsible for managing the change data capture (CDC) processes

  • SQMXCDCP - CDC process program file for NonStop SQL/MX

  • SQMPCDCP - CDC process program file for NonStop SQL/MP

  • ENSCDCP - CDC process program file for Enscribe

  • WEBACTIO - SQL/MX module used by SQMXCDCP

The 5 files are distributed in PAK files called E<version> (for NonStop) and X<version> (for NonStop X). For example:

  • Striim version 3.9.6: E3096 / X3096

  • E30961 / X30961

  • 3.10.0: E3100 / X3100

  • E31001 / X31001

  • 3.10.1: E3101 / X3101

1. Copy the PAK file to the HP NonStop system using binary FTP file transfer (or equivalent). From a TACL prompt, UNPAK this file info the subvolume in which you wish to install the HP NonStop components using the following command (where $<vol>.<subvol> identify where the object files are to be installed):

UNPAK <PAK file name>,$*.*.*,MYID,LISTALL,VOL $<vol>.<subvol>

2. Once the files are unpaked, the 3 CDC process objects need to changed to be owned by SUPER.SUPER and be LICENSED and PROGID’d. To do this, log on as SUPER.SUPER and execute the following commands:


<security-string> is user-determined, however, these files need to be secured so that the userid under which the agent process runs has execute permissions on these object files.

3. If Striim will be used to capture changes from SQL/MP tables, the SQMPCDCP program must be SQL-compiled, as described later in this section under the heading "System log messages about SQL/MP automatic recompilation". If minimizing system log messages about automatic recompilation is not important, any SQL/MP catalog on the system may be used for <your catalog vol-subvol> in those directions. It may be one that already exists, or one you create to use solely for this program.

4. (Optional) Create an Edit file anywhere in the Guardian filespace containing the names of all files and tables you plan to reference from any Striim application. If you do not want to control which files and tables Striim applications can reference, you do not have to create this file. Change data will only be captured and sent for files and tables requested by Striim applications, not necessarily all the files and tables listed in this file.

The file consists of one line per table or file for which change data can be captured. Wildcard patterns are not currently supported. The volume and subvolume names are optional for SQL/MP and Enscribe names, the default volume and subvolume names of the agent process will be added for partially qualified names. SQL/MX names should be fully qualified 3 part names, for example:


  • for SQL/MP: [<$VOL>.][<SUBVOL>.]<TABLE>

  • for Enscribe: [<$VOL>.][<SUBVOL>.]<FILE>

When SQL/MP tables or Enscribe files on SMF Virtual Disks are to be allowed to be referenced, the logical name of the table or file is what should be specified in this file, not the physical name.

5. If necessary, change the security for WAGENT to match the userid you will use to start the process.