Striim 3.9.7 documentation

Reading log files

Striim uses the following log files:




messages regarding communication with other servers and agents in the cluster


commands sent to the server by the console and/or web UI


output from the commands in striim.command.log


log for the local Apache Derby instance that hosts the metadata repository and stores data used by the monitoring and recovery features


striim-node startup messages and SysOut output, except when running Striim as a process, in which case the output is written to the terminal running the server


log for the server process, generally the first place to look when encountering problems

When Striim is installed as per Running Striim in CentOS  or Running Striim in Ubuntu, these files are in /var/log/striim. When installed otherwise, these files are in the logs directory under the Striim application directory. 

You can also view some events on the Monitor page in the web UI. See Monitoring using the web UI.