Striim 4.0.5 documentation

Introducing StriimCloud

StriimCloud is a fully managed SaaS platform offering simple to use, real-time data integration, replication, and analytics with cloud scale and security. This service also offers low-latency, in-memory data transformation, enrichment, and insights when moving data to, from, and among on-premise and cloud databases and data warehouses.

With the following exceptions, StriimCloud has exactly the same features and capabilities as Striim.

  • StriimCloud is fully managed by Striim, Inc.. Thus the tasks discussed in the Installation and Configuration Guide are relevant only to Striim.

  • In this release, multi-server clusters are supported only by Striim. Thus StriimCloud does not support failover.

  • The schema conversion utility requires Striim. Initial load wizards with Auto Schema Creation are supported in both Striim and StriimCloud.

  • Using environment variables in adapter properties requires Striim.

  • The SysOut adapter requires Striim.

  • In this release, data validation dashboards require Striim.

  • In this release, log files can not be read in StriimCloud. If you need to read log files, Contact Striim support.

  • File lineage requires Striim.

  • Monitoring using JMX requires Striim.

  • If you need to create a Striim open processor using this release of StriimCloud, Contact Striim support.

  • Creating custom Java functions requires Striim.

See also the known issues listed in Release notes.