Striim 3.9.7 documentation

Evaluating on Microsoft Windows

Before following these instructions, see Configuring your system to evaluate Striim and Running the CDC sample apps.

If you are using Windows 10, you can run the Striim_<version>.jar installer described in Evaluating on Mac OS X or Linux. That will allow you to run the CDC sample apps. For other Windows versions:

  1. Download

  2. Extract the .zip file to C:\ (this will install Striim to C:\Striim). Alternatively, install to another location of your choice, and adjust all the paths in the following instructions accordingly.

  3. Open a command prompt and enter the following (replacing ****** with your choice of password):

    cd \striim\bin
    passwordEncryptor ******

    The second command will return a random-looking string of characters ending with an equal sign. This string is the value to provide for both encrypted passwords in the next step.

  4. Open C:\Striim\conf\ in a text editor, edit the following properties (removing any # characters and spaces from the beginning of the lines), and save the file:

    • WAClusterName: a name for the Striim cluster (note that if an existing Striim cluster on the network has this name, Striim will try to join it)

    • WAClusterPassword: the encrypted password for the cluster, which will be used by other servers to connect to the cluster and for other cluster-level operations

    • WAAdminPassword: the encrypted password for Striim's default admin user account

    • CompanyName: If you specify keys, this must exactly match the associated company name.

    • ProductKey and LIcenseKey: If you have keys, specify them, otherwise leave blank to run Striim on a trial license. Note that you cannot create a multi-server cluster using a trial license.

    • Interfaces: If the system has more than one IP address, specify the one you want Striim to use, otherwise leave blank and Striim will set this automatically.

  5. Open a command prompt and enter the following, replacing <cluster name> with the cluster name you provided in the previous step:


    For example:


    Wait for output similar to the following before going on to the next step:

    Please go to or to administer, or use console
  6. Optionally, if you are on Windows 10, install the CDC sample apps as described in "Installing the CDC sample apps in an existing Striim server" (see Running the CDC sample apps). These samples cannot be run on earlier versions of Windows because they require Docker Desktop.

    Note: Zookeeper and Kafka (which are used by some of these apps) do not shut down cleanly on Windows. (This is a well-known problem.) To restart Striim with Kafka, reboot the system, delete the Zookeeper and Kafka files in c:\tmp, and restart Zookeeper and Kafka as described in "Using Striim's internal Kafka server" in Configuring Kafka.

  7. Open a web browser, go to http:/localhost:9080, and log in with username admin and the password you provided in step 3.

Continue with Viewing dashboards.


To stop Striim, press Ctrl-C in the command prompt. To restart, repeat step 5.