Striim 4.1.0 documentation

Embedding a dashboard page in a web page

Use the Embed command to generate HTML code for an iframe you can use to display a Striim dashboard page in a web page. Embedded dashboard pages include both page-level and visualization-level search and search and filter controls.

The embedded dashboard will not require a Striim login. Instead, it uses a special user account with READ permission on the dashboard's namespace and SELECT permissions on the dashboard, its queries, and related the CQs, streams, and WActionStores.

  1. Log in as admin or another user with the Global.admin role.

  2. Go to the dashboard page you want to embed and click Embed.

  3. The exact permissions that will be granted to the special user account are displayed. Click I Agree to create the user account.

  4. Enter the desired width, height, and border width for the iframe, then click Copy.

  5. Paste the iframe in the appropriate location in the web page's HTML.

  6. Preview the web page (the Striim application must be running) and adjust the iframe's properties as necessary.