Striim 3.9.7 documentation

Deploying Striim from the AWS Marketplace

To deploy a Striim AWS Marketplace solution:

  1. Go to the appropriate page in the AWS Marketplace.

  2. Click Continue to Subscribe > Continue to Configuration.

  3. Select the desired region, then click Continue to Launch.

  4. Optionally, change the EC2 Instance Type.

  5. Under Security Group Settings, click Create New Based on Seller Settings, enter a name and description, and click Save.

  6. Under Key Pair Settings, select the key pair to use with Striim.

    If you do not have a key pair in the selected region, click Create a key pair in EC2, change the region to the one you selected previously, click Create Key Pair, enter a name, click Create, save the .pem file, and return to the Launch page, and refresh the key pair list. If the new key pair is not selected automatically, select it.

  7. Click Launch.

  8. Click EC2 Console.

  9. Make note of the Instance ID, then in the left-side menu click Elastic IPs.

  10. Click Allocate new address. If you see a choice of options, select VPC. Then click Allocate > Close. Make note of the IP address as you will use it to access Striim.

  11. Select Actions > Associate address, select the EC2 instance ID, select its private IP, and click Associate > Close.

  12. When you get an email from The AWS Marketplace Team notifying you that your subscription is ready, click the link to the Your Software page.

  13. Click View Instances > Access Software.

  14. In the URL, change 9080 to 9070, reload the page, and click Continue.

  15. Click Accept Striim EULA and Continue to accept the license agreement.

  16. For Striim BYOL only, enter your name, email, company name, and email address. If you already have a license, be sure that the company name exactly matches the name associated with your license.

  17. Enter a name for the Striim cluster and cluster and admin passwords. Be sure to remember the cluster name and passwords, since you will need them to log in to Striim and run the Striim console or Forwarding Agent.

  18. Click Save and Continue.

  19. For the BYOL Platform only, provide a license key if you have one. Otherwise, leave the license key field blank to proceed with a trial license, then click Continue.

  20. Click Launch.

  21. When launch has completed, click Log In. (You can return to the login page using the View Instances > Access Software link on the Your Software page.)

  22. Log in as admin with the admin password you provided above.

If you are new to Striim, continue with the Quick Start at Viewing dashboards.