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Striim Cloud 4.1.0 documentation

CREATE DG (deployment group)

CREATE DG <name> ("<node name>:",...)
  [ MINIMUM SERVERS <number of servers> ]
  [ LIMIT APPLICATIONS <maximum number of applications> ];

Node names begin with S or A to indicate server or Forwarding Agent, followed by the node's IP address with hyphens instead of periods. For example, a server with the IP address would be named S192_168_1_12. Use the command LIST SERVERS; to return a list of nodes in the current cluster.


Do not put servers and agents in the same group. See Using the Forwarding Agent for more information.Using the Striim Forwarding Agent

The following would create a two-server cluster named SourceData:

CREATE DG SourceData ("S192_168_1_12","S192_168_1_13");

Individual servers within a multi-server deployment group may be stopped and restarted without stopping applications. Striim will automatically reallocate resources as necessary.

To ensure that applications are not deployed to the group when some of its servers are offline, use MINIMUM SERVERS. For example, MINIMUM SERVERS 2 will allow deployment only when at least two servers are available, ensuring that failover is possible. If only one server is available, deployment will fail with a "not enough servers" error.

To prevent servers from being overloaded by applications after failover, use LIMIT APPLICATIONS.  For example, if you had a four-server group, LIMIT APPLICATIONS 4  would ensure that no server would ever run more than four applications. If the group was running ten applications deployed ON ONE and one server failed, all ten applications would keep running. If a second server failed, two of the applications would crash.