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Striim Cloud 4.1.0 documentation

Cosmos DB Reader limitations

  • The change feed captures field-level updates as document replace operations, so the entire document will be read.

  • The change feed does not capture deletes. Use the "soft delete" approach to add an IsDeleted field with value True to target documents that have been deleted in the source (see Cosmos DB setup for Cosmos DB Reader and Cosmos DB Reader example output).

  • If there are multiple replace operations on a document during the polling interval (see Cosmos DB Reader properties), only the last will be read.

  • When a document's id field is changed, the change feed treats it as an insert rather than a replace, so the previous version of the document with the old id field will not be overwritten, and it will remain in the target.

  • Document id fields must be unique across all partitions. Otherwise you may encounter errors or data corruption.

  • Multi-region writes are not supported.

  • The order of operations is guaranteed to be preserved only for events with the same partition key. The order of operations may not be preserved for events with different partition keys.

  • Cosmos DB's change feed timestamp (_ts) resolution is in seconds. Consequently, to avoid events being missing from the target, recovery will start one second earlier than the time of the last recovery checkpoint, so there may be some duplicate events.

  • The change feed does not capture delete operations. Consequently, recovery will not capture those operations, and the deleted documents will remain in the target.

  • Cosmos DB's change feed does not capture changes to deleted documents. Consequently, if the Striim application is offline when a document is changed, and document is deleted before recovery starts, the.changes will not be written to the target during recovery.