Striim 3.9.7 documentation

Changing the Derby password

In a production environment, we strongly recommend changing the Derby password from its default. The JAVA_HOME environment variable must be set for the ./ script to work.

  1. Stop Striim and Derby (see Starting and stopping Striim).

  2. Open a terminal and change to the striim/bin directory.

  3. Enter ./

  4. When prompted, enter the username waction, the current password (the default is w@ct10n), and the new password.

  5. When the script completes, enter bin/ <password> (replacing <password> with the new password).

  6. Open striim/conf/ in a text editor, specify the encrypted password as the value for MetaDataRepositoryPass (for example, MetaDataRepositoryPass=f1qjj7ho85E=), and save the file.

  7. Restart Derby and Striim (see Starting and stopping Striim).